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Have you tried to make one of these?? how did it go ? how far did you get did you just buy one? 

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Date: Thursday, 8 November 2007 10:47 am
Subject: New RC page

Here is the page for some of my Remote control stuff RC link

Date: Thursday, 18 January 2007 3:55 pm
Subject: Found plans on E-bay

I found plans last week The pictures look good, lots of bubbles in the pictures. I could see he used a different type of fan. It is a carpet drier ($250) that is way too much to start with.

The list of parts was sketchy at best with names like “funny pipe” and “big screen” No sizes of pipe. No size on the “big screen”. It did say to use a 1/8hp pump. It also specified “plastic shrub head” I am guessing they mean sprinkler heads.

Date: Thursday, 18 January 2007 2:49 pm
Subject: Find plans that were out there

Ok, I start looking for plans or any “DIY” stuff on the foam machine. about 2 months ago. I found lots of people looking for plans and “how do I…” but no plans to speak of… I did find a lot of “how to make foam with a shop vac”… 1 – put dishwashing liquid in a garbage can. 2 – fill garbage can with water 3 – set shop vac to blow 4 – put hose in garbage can. Wet messy shop vac, lots of water all over, people running into the garbage can and shop vac. This is not what I want!!




Rank Title/Description
1 Vehicle Commander  
Un-lock your doors,  Lock them , honk your horn or disable your car, truck or what ever from any phone   You could call this On-Star Lite 
2 Hot tub Cover lift
Plans to build a lift to make it easer to get the job done. Build it for under $15.00 
3 Safer Spud Cannon 
A cannon that does not use fire and expositions to launch stuff. 
4 Sports Cam / Helmet Cam / In Car Cam  
You get the idea, small light camera and digital recorder you can mount anywhere. build for under $200

Ladder Golf Game 
This game is too fun so I made one and put the plans up for free. Plus I made a new Nascar style bolo its called the Race Tire Toss (RTT) 

6 Remote Control anything
This is a how-to for a key fob type remote control. We put one in a Robo Duck 
7 Paint Ball Page
Great things you can do with Co2 and paint ball parts you can make.
8 In-car Yellow Light for Race Cars 
Put the yellow light on the dash and in your ear maybe you won't  be involved in the crash.  
9 Your project could be here   
Put your idea here for free. just e-mail me, and I may put it up.
10 Your project could be here   
Put your idea here for free. just e-mail me, and I may put it up.

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This is a link list of links I like 
Free cad program that actually works.
Racing in the upper mid-west and lots of gossip 

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