Gun Stand

Coming soon
Plans for a gun stand. You can load your hopper with out any help 

Bunkers that fold up 
Coming soon
 Plans and parts lists for simple bunkers made of PVC. They are light and moveable. 

Gun Cam

Coming soon

Plans for a gun mounted  video camera and recorder. Ultra small and light recorder fits in a ball tube. The whole system can be built for under $200 and its all digital!!!

e-mail me about
Coming soon 
If you are interested 

When I started paint balling I found lots of things could build. Here is the list of things I have found and built. 

  • Gun stands

    click on the picture for a more detailed one

  • Inflatable bunker heavy-duty 
    These babys are heavy-duty rubber. I love military stuff. 
    plus a carrying bag, rope and big clips, cable...

    ea +shipping

    click on the picture for the full story 

  • The Gun Cam
    I need to take some pictures of this it is soooo cool.

  • Co2 can be used for more then just paintball 
    I found a regulator that hooks to the top of a 20oz CO2 paintball tank.
    t is small and cheap. Put it in your tool box for when you need to air up a tire or a field bunker. 




Disclaimer: Off The Shelf DIY is just that, products made by other people and put together to make new and better stuff. OTSDIY does not make the kits or products listed in any of the plans. OTSDIY just shows you how to combine them to make better things. if you have trouble with a kit or product, call the manufacture not OTSDIY. if a kit is missing parts call the manufacture not OTSDIY. If a product stops working call the manufacture not OTSDIY. If you use the plans, kits or products in an unsafe manner and hurt yourself or others call 911 not OTSDIY. if you don't understand the plans... then e-mail OTSDIY at help@otsdiy.com