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The Race Tire Toss Bolos are made of the finest "speed rubber" available and have been crafted to be the best tossing weight. They meet or exceed the specifications for official weight and length, for professional and league play. 

All Race Tire Toss Bolo sets come with 3 bolos. 
The sticker packs are real NASCAR licensed items, they have the little hologram,and are vinyl stickers that will last a long time. 
They are not something that was printed off a home computer. 

Ladder Golf

Hillbilly Horseshoes, Monkey Bars Golf, Bolo Ball
Whatever you want to call it, its an addictive backyardgame. 

There are tons of variations of the ladders
(Free plans click here) and the rules but no one has improved the bolo...... UNTIL NOW!!
We have come up with a new and design for the part you toss.


The RTT (Race Tire Toss) is a great way to show who your favoritedriver is. We also have RTT with your favorite motor sports logos as well. 
For $19.95 + actual shipping charge we will send you 3 Race Tire Toss bolos with your favorite driver or motor sport. Here are a sample of what we have:


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Free Plans 

Now, the plans here are all from the internet I did not pay for any of them, they were offered as free plans somewhere else. 
The best way to build is to use the standard plans using 3/4" or 1", use all the same size PVC. 

The Standard 

The Standard 

Different base

The spinner 
You need a special "Hub" that is very hard to find. E-mail me I have some. 

The table

Ladder X-treme 
this guy has too much time on his hands 

Click to see the larger plans 

Click here for the free plans page   




Here is a page the has more plans and more information then you would everwant to know about the game.

Rank Title/Description
1 CYA Call Your Auto
Un-lock your doors,  Lock them , honk your horn or disable your car, truck or what ever from any phone   You could call this On-Star Lite 
2 Hot tub Cover lift
Plans to build a lift to make it easer to get the job done. Build it for under $15.00 
3 Safer Spud Cannon 
A cannon that does not use fire and expositions to launch stuff. 
4 Sports Cam / Helmet Cam / In Car Cam  
You get the idea, small light camera and digital recorder you can mount anywhere. build for under $200
5 Power Cooler 12v 
You have seen them in stores. build this for 1/2 of  that. 
6 Remote Control anything
This is a how-to for a key fob type remote control. We put one in a Robo Duck 
7 Paint Ball Page
Great things you can do with Co2 and paint ball parts you can make.
8 In-car Yellow Light for Race Cars 
Put the yellow light on the dash and in your ear maybe you won't  be involved in the crash.  
9 Your project could be here   
Put your idea here for free. just e-mail me, and I may put it up.
10 Your project could be here   
Put your idea here for free. just e-mail me, and I may put it up.

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This is a link list of links I like 
Free cad program that actually works.
Racing in the upper mid-west and lots of gossip 

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