I got tired of removing my hot tub cover. My wife and kids had a heck of a time wrestling with it, plus they had to lay it on the ground, where it would get grass and dirt on it. Then I had to lift it back on to the tub, with the grass and dirt on it... 
So,  I bought a bunch of plans on the internet (e-bay) picked the one I liked best and built it! 

What I am selling here is a better set of plans / instructions for the best and easiest Spa Cover Lift to build. 
It can be built in an afternoon including the trip to Home Depot (GO Tony)

I have set up a web page with all the steps on how you can build one for your hot tub, so there is no need to wait for your plans to come in the mail. Plus you can print them off or come back to the web site any time you want.  I have included lots of pictures, instructions, parts list, and even a list of "updates" that I have made to my Spa Cover Lift. I built this Spa Cover Lift for under $15.00 in parts.

Plus... e-mail support.
If you have any questions on "what to do when", or what paint works and will not peel off, just e-mail 
here is how it works: Use the "add to cart" After the payment screen you will be directed to a password protected page with all the info on how to build the spa cover lift. With all the pictures, instructions, and a special e-mail address for support if you need it. If you use the "Buy Now" at E-Bay you will be e-mailed the password and the address. So you can get started right away. 

Ask all questions before buying.